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Official website of Seneka

This is the official and personal website of Séneka. Myself. I like business, art, magic, games, money, hypnosis or mentalism (among many other things). Here you can find interesting stuff about any of those topics.

They have already trusted Seneka:

Mago Seneka invitado colaborador en Cuatro
Retransmiten en la sexta vídeos de Séneka
Hablan de una de las empresas de Séneka en El Mundo
Séneka participa como chófer en Telecinco, en la serie El Príncipe
seneka considerado uno de los 10 mejores magos de España según el periódico 20 minutos

I use this short introduction to my website as disclaimer:

Do not take the content of this website as an absolute truth or a personal recommendation, it is possible that some of the content is advertising or receives certain benefits for publishing it. The same thing that television or newspapers do every day, although I say it openly.

If you don’t know me, in the media above you may have seen me performing as an illusionist, talking about my companies or as an actor. I’m one of those who are out there but don’t attract too much attention. And logos are something that looks nice and gives cache.


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